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Rotary hot pot shop equipment

 Rotary hot pot shop equipment

Introduction of hot pot manufacturers

Direct selling by manufacturers Rotating hot pot shop equipment The fresh and healthy food is delivered to the customers through the rotary hotpot conveyor belt, realizing the great leap from the traditional restaurant waiter to the automation, providing consumers with more abundant food varieties, more convenient dining mode and more environmentally friendly and low-carbon healthy diet concept, so that consumers can easily and comfortably achieve zero distance contact with the food in advance, so as to make it easy for them to contact with the food in advance It is not only delicious food, but also the atmosphere of strict production and high-quality service brought by high-tech.  
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The development of consumption level, Self service rotating hot pot With the development, no matter where you go, you can see many self-service hot pot shops, especially in large cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities. Direct selling by manufacturers Rotating hot pot All kinds of food materials are placed on the rotating hot pot conveyor belt, and then transported in front of customers with the help of rotary hot pot conveyor belt. Customers can choose the ingredients they like according to their personal tastes. It increases the richness of self-service hot pot food, makes customers have more choices and better experience, and increases the satisfaction and return rate of consumers.
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What is the equipment price standard of direct selling rotary hot pot shop

Many people will ask if the equipment of the rotary hotpot shop directly sold by the manufacturer with reasonable price is expensive, and there is no standard price in the market. Then how much money can you spend to buy a high-quality and efficient one Hot pot shop rotating equipment What? Since you want to know Automatic hot pot equipment We have to know the price first Rotary hotpot equipment The price of rotary hotpot equipment is quoted according to a comprehensive index, including material cost, personnel installation cost, equipment transportation cost and maintenance cost. Therefore, in fact, the cost of materials is not high, the key is the cost of transportation and personnel installation, so Rotary self service hot pot equipment How much money this may have to be calculated according to the actual size of the store area.
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Advantages of rotary hot pot shop equipment

    Small hot pot automatic turning equipment There is no need to set up a big kitchen. The whole preparation and processing process are completed by customers themselves on the dining table. Saving space is one of its advantages;
    Self service rotary hot pot equipment There is no need for large-scale stove and stove, no chef, and no training for ordinary staff. The second advantage is simple and easy operation;
    Small rotary hot pot equipment Rotary hotpot is one person, one pot, you can choose different dishes according to customers' preference, and it is in line with personal hygiene habits;
    Rotating hot pot equipment Unique and novel rotary hotpot equipment technology, equipped with modern high-tech electromagnetic stove, there is no open fire, there is no potential safety hazard, there is no smoke, environmental protection, health is its four advantages.
For more information about the advantages of the rotary hotpot store directly sold by manufacturers, click: Features of the equipment for turning hot pot
 Rotary hot pot shop equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
Generally speaking, the market research before the establishment of the rotary hot pot shop equipment directly sold by the manufacturer also includes: whether the location is attractive, including the surrounding environment, whether the traffic conditions are convenient for customers, whether the street facilities are beneficial to the shop, the population of the service area, the income level of the target customers, consumption awareness and taste, etc. How to open a good business self-service rotary hotpot? 2、 The preparation of funds and the amount of money that can be raised before the store contract is signed will determine the size and grade of the restaurant. When operating, the items that use funds generally include employee salary, store rent, decoration, working capital, publicity, etc. by adding these items together, you can calculate how much capital you need to prepare. In addition, you need to prepare some surplus funds in case of unexpected needs.
 Rotary hot pot shop equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
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