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Electric dining table marble

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Electric dining table marble

 Electric dining table marble

Electric dining table marble details

Conveyor belt table movement with marble table top what price details
In recent years, no matter the hotel or the hotel, the conveyor belt dining table has stepped onto the stage of catering culture with the posture of a new and innovative product. The irregular rooms are reasonably arranged and rotated by what leaves. The built-in induction cooker on the table top can be directly heated on the table top. The luxurious conveyor belt dining table adopts the carving technology with Chinese characteristics to make the Chinese classical characteristics Integration, gradually accepted and loved by the public
Full function, no noise, extra large diameter, super large diameter, super bearing capacity, no comparison frequency converter, using four digital wireless remote control (100000 heavy code), remote control distance is 50 meters, high-performance high-quality motor and reducer are used inside
There are several brake motors and turbine devices in the center of the table of the conveyor belt. The motor is made, and the lotus leaf is driven by the traction chain to rotate at a fixed speed. At the same time, the motor circuit device has wireless speed regulation, number adjustment, fast slow rotation and rotation direction.

 Electric dining table marble (www.shszsw. Com)
Next to the overall color of the dining table can be selected. If the dining room is luxurious decoration, the dining table should choose the corresponding high-grade atmospheric style, such as carving, with fountain, retro classic style, if the bedroom style emphasizes simplicity, then we can consider simple and generous rotary table style.
At present, there are solid wood surface, multi-layer board panel, density board panel, glass panel, marble panel and so on. The solid wood is mostly made of solid wood plates. The internal bracket is equipped with electric motor, the crankshaft drives the gear, the gear drives the lotus leaf chain, and lanhui conveys the conveyor belt of the dining table factory to transport the dining table for multi-functional purposes. Projection, singing, etc.
The rectangular dining table with conveyor belt is suitable for larger rooms, and the rectangular pavement is more suitable for laying round dining table. In many irregular rooms, different tables can be customized, which is warm and natural.

 Electric dining table marble (www.shszsw. Com)

 Electric dining table marble (www.shszsw. Com)
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