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Which rotary hotpot equipment manufacturers have?

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Which rotary hotpot equipment manufacturers have?

 Which rotary hotpot equipment manufacturers have?

Which rotary hotpot equipment manufacturers have? Detailed introduction

    Automatic rotary hotpot Since its launch, it has always been popular and the industry has developed smoothly. After years of development, it has spawned many innovative business models, such as Rotating hot pot Self help hotpot, etc. Among them, Self service rotating hot pot One person, one pot, clean and sanitary. The dishes are easy, comfortable and free. Compared with the traditional hotpot, it has obvious advantages and is popular, so many entrepreneurs have sprouted Rotary hotpot equipment The idea of the store. But since the store is open, equipment is indispensable, Rotary hot pot equipment factory What's home? Now, let's discuss it with you.
 Which rotary hotpot equipment manufacturers have? (ies-hk.com)

        Rotating small hot pot equipment Advantages of our products

Whirling hot pot equipment Beautiful appearance, fashionable and novel;
Rotating serial device Flexible layout, convenient maintenance, modular combination, simple, convenient and fast assembly;
● self help Hot pot turning equipment Low noise, stable performance, reliable, safe and hygienic, stable performance and beautiful appearance;
● slewing Hot pot conveying equipment Can design any shape, person and style according to the store layout and customer's requirements;
The track guide rail of rotary hotpot is made of white nylon; it is suitable for sushi, hot pot restaurant, self-service catering and department store product display.
 Which rotary hotpot equipment manufacturers have? (ies-hk.com)

Where is the rotary equipment hot pot suitable to open

To open a revolving hot pot shop, site selection is a step, but also a crucial step. Once the store location is determined, it will not change in the later stage. However, the location selection is the primary factor affecting the customer flow. If there is not enough customer flow, how can the rotary hot pot equipment store make money? Therefore, site selection determines the future profitability to a large extent. Site selection is not arbitrary and needs careful investigation and consideration. In this regard, many people are novices, so they have to consult the small editor where the rotary equipment hot pot is suitable to open and the site selection requirements for the rotary hot pot.
 Which rotary hotpot equipment manufacturers have? (ies-hk.com)

Standard and description of rotary hot pot conveying equipment

The surface of the 20x40 strong square tube on the underframe made by the manufacturer of rotary hot pot spicy scalding equipment is electrostatic spraying antirust paint + glossy paint, and the color is black
One yuan Rotary hotpot The surface of 304 stainless steel for lotus leaf chain of conveyor belt is 138mm wide, 304 stainless steel, flexible layout; the standard width of single row is 210 (mm), and the standard width of double row parallel is 580 mm;
● self help Rotating hot pot equipment The motor and control elements are imported products, the special stainless steel chain for rotary equipment is adopted, and the appearance material is all made of frosted (mirror) stainless steel;
The standard height of single-layer and double-layer (optional) heating, cooling, window, dining table and water supply are available; the standard height of single-layer is 1100 (mm) (can be customized according to the support needs);
Guangdong Rotary self service hot pot equipment The decorative materials of wainscot include marble, fireproof board, acrylic sheet, transparent stone, aluminum plastic plate, etc. customers can entrust us to install them or choose to decorate them locally.
  Which rotary hotpot equipment manufacturers have? (ies-hk.com)  
So far, which manufacturers of rotary hotpot equipment have? Through the above introduction, I believe you have a clear idea. It has always been the dream of many people to open a hot pot whirling equipment store. However, due to the investment amount of millions of yuan at any time, it is often deterred. But now, the emergence of hot pot rotary machinery can make you realize your dream of getting rich quickly. Hurry up!
 Which equipment manufacturers have the hot pot? (ies-hk.com)
Warm tips: to place a yuan with operation room Rotating hot pot machine The width of conveyor belt and storefront should not be less than 6m. And pay attention to the amount of power you can find in the store.
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