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How to use rotary hotpot equipment?

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How to use rotary hotpot equipment?

 How to use rotary hotpot equipment?

How to use rotary hotpot equipment? Detailed introduction

    Rotating hot pot equipment Whether for businesses or consumers, it is a win-win dining mode, which can be called as a necessary supplement meal for all the consumers in winter. Lanhui rotary hotpot equipment Xiaobian called it a delicious and healthy "fast food" meal. It is convenient, fast and hygienic to eat, and can taste a variety of dishes and freely match various kinds of dishes Rotary hotpot However, for the substrate Rotary hotpot equipment Speaking, the key to use properly, in order to give full play to its advantages! How to use rotation Hot pot equipment? Rotary hot pot equipment factory What's home?
   How to use rotary hotpot equipment? (

How to use rotary hotpot equipment? Whirling hot pot equipment Design features

one Automatic hot pot equipment The transmission system adopts the sealed design, the conveying chain structure is rigorous, the operation is stable, the noise is hardly audible, and the wear-resistant plate combination sprocket wheel can prolong the service life of the rotary hot pot equipment.
2. Rotary hotpot conveyor belt saves manpower and material resources: diners can choose the food placed on the conveyor belt at will on their respective seats, and there is no need for waiters to deliver them. This machine uses a bench instead of a table to save a lot of tables and tablecloths.
three Self service rotating hot pot Then the use of bright lights and the movement of the conveyor belt to make the meal more delicious and improve the appetite of diners.
four Self rotating small hot pot equipment It allows diners to clearly choose what they want to order, instead of just seeing the menu of the actual meal.
five Rotary self service hot pot equipment Customers don't have to wait any longer when ordering; they don't have to leave their seats to pick up the dishes. They can eat as much as they want. They don't have to worry about ordering again when they can't finish eating or they don't have enough. It's in line with people's health habits that they have to order once more.
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 How to use rotary hotpot equipment? (

How to use rotary hotpot equipment? Automatic rotating hot pot equipment advantage

1. In terms of service life, the rotary self-service hot pot equipment has an ultra long service life, which is generally made of all stainless steel rails and chains. The whole machine has reliable and stable performance, low noise, high safety and beautiful appearance. It is very good for the food that "looks good";
two Small hot pot automatic turning equipment It has a wide range of uses. It can greatly increase the number of meals. Under the same area, it can increase nearly 20% of the seats compared with the traditional hotpot, which can effectively increase the number of customers. It can also design different shapes of transmission equipment according to the layout of the store. This is indeed an advantage for the owner;
three Self service rotary hot pot equipment But also for the boss to save manpower, not only to save manpower, more importantly Small rotary hot pot equipment Compared with traditional hotpot shops, the storefront with rotating hot pot conveyor belt is more attractive to young people's eyes. Moreover, it is convenient to eat. Customers don't need to run around and pick up vegetables. When there are many guests, the waiters don't need to be busy. The guests just need to sit in their seats and have a pot of soup bottom, and the dishes will be sent to us automatically You can get the dishes you want with your hands and bring benefits to the owners and customers!
So, how to use the rotary hotpot equipment? It has always been the trouble of merchants. In the cold winter, one person, one pot Turn to hot pot equipment The store has become the home of most people, which is in line with the modern people's health concept. However, the small editor of the rotary hot pot factory should also remind the owner to treasure the customer flow and improve the quality of raw materials and hot pot soup bottom. After all, if the customer finally consumes with "quality", quality is the basis for maintaining customer stickiness. Otherwise, even the perfect self rotating small hot pot equipment will be damaged! How to use rotary hotpot equipment?

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 How to use rotary hotpot equipment? (

How to use rotary hotpot equipment? Suggestions on ensuring the quality of the bottom of the pot

1. Firstly, the raw materials must be hygienic and fresh, and the unhygienic food materials with peculiar smell and bacteria must be washed clean to remove all impurities. The water, utensils, knives and chopping boards used in operation should be clean and hygienic. Only when there is no peculiar smell can the quality of the hot pot be guaranteed and the perfect cooperation with the automatic hotpot equipment can be achieved;
2. The second is the raw materials for making soup. Generally, it is required to cook in cold water, because there are a lot of protein. If boiled under water, the surface of raw materials will be denatured and solidified due to high temperature, forming a tight structure, and a large amount of nutrients will be spilled and damaged, thus affecting the quality of the soup. The time sequence of seasoning addition should also be mastered;
3. In addition, if you have a good command of the proper temperature and time, if the fire power is too high, it is easy to cause paste at the bottom of the pot and affect the taste. If the fire power is too small, the soup will not be thick and the taste will not be good!
 How to use rotary hotpot equipment? (
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