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Equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot

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Equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot

 Equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot

Detailed introduction of equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot

With the direct sales of manufacturers Rotating small hot pot equipment With the expansion of quality market, more and more people are willing to open a self-help shop Rotary hotpot Shop to start a business, the reason is that the start is simple, everyone can open a shop, also do not need to invest a lot of expenses, investment Rotating hot pot machine We have to face one Whirling hot pot equipment How to buy Hot pot conveyor belt equipment Today, I will tell you how to buy it Hot pot shop rotating equipment
 Equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot (www.shszsw. Com)

Purchase Small hot pot rotating equipment Must choose the regular manufacturer

Factory direct selling Rotating hot pot The market of equipment quality is not big or small. There are still many small rotary hotpot equipment factories, but there are few regular ones. Except for three or four factories with their own, the others are fur companies, earning price differences. Of course, we can't find these fur companies to buy, the price is expensive, and there is no guarantee when there is a problem. We must choose the regular one Rotary hot pot equipment factory Home.
 Equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot (www.shszsw. Com)

Open Self service rotating hot pot Site selection requirements

The location of the direct selling rotary hot pot equipment quality shop is one step, and it is only a crucial step, because once the store location is determined, it will not change in the later stage. The location is the primary factor affecting the customer flow, and there is not enough customer flow, Rotary hot pot equipment How to make money? Therefore, site selection determines the future profitability to a large extent. Site selection is not arbitrary and needs careful investigation and consideration. In this respect, many people are novices, driving Hot pot restaurant site selection requirement.
 Equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot (www.shszsw. Com)

Investment Hot pot rotary equipment Store location


(1) Xuanzhuan small hot pot equipment should implement the principle of proximity. That is to say, it should be convenient for transportation, commuting and entering. Located in or close to the business district, economic zone, cultural zone, development zone, etc., with smooth roads and easy access for customers;

(2) The equipment of spicy hot pot should be well matched with the environment. The external environment should form a climate, self-service rotating small hotpot shop should be mixed with other restaurants, such as catering street, hot pot city, etc. at the same time, we should advocate its own comprehensive supporting and diversified business combination to form scale benefits;

(4) Hot pot shop rotating equipment to scientific prediction of profits. Before and during the opening of business, we should combine various factors to analyze the sales volume and gross profit of a certain period, and predict the profit and benefit.
 Equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot (www.shszsw. Com)
(5) The location and layout of the equipment store of rotary hotpot. After determining the site selection principle, we should combine the following points in the implementation: select the place where the commercial network is concentrated, where the population is gathered, where the transportation is convenient, the specific location, the gathering place of peers, and the special port. The following ideas should also be considered in the layout: diffusion, aggregation, competitiveness and multi industry coordination.

(6) Small Hot pot rotating equipment Regional factors of site selection. Before site selection, it is necessary to select an area convenient for operation and development, which is the premise of site selection. In the site selection, we should consider the economic development level, the influence of culture and education, market competition, planning location characteristics, and whether the software and hardware environment is superior.

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 Equipment quality of direct selling rotary hot pot (www.shszsw. Com)
The quality of the rotary hot pot equipment directly sold by the manufacturer is convenient to use, but the hot pot conveyor belt equipment has a common feature, that is, long-term use will lead to wear of the chain wheel of the rotating equipment in the hot pot store. So, in the daily use and maintenance of small hotpot rotating equipment: the wear and maintenance of sprocket is a long-term operation, which will inevitably lead to the wear of equipment sprocket, if not timely maintenance, will seriously affect the work efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the worn sprocket in time.
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