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Price of direct selling rotary self-service hot pot equipment

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Price of direct selling rotary self-service hot pot equipment

 Price of direct selling rotary self-service hot pot equipment

Detailed introduction to the price of direct selling rotary self-service hot pot equipment

Factory direct selling Rotary self service hot pot equipment Price, Self service rotating hot pot From ancient times to the present, the development momentum of the industry is very hot. The competition among the major brands leads to numerous types of hotpot. Each has its own brand characteristics. Facing these choices, consumers do not know how to start. self-help Rotating hot pot The difference is generally divided into three types, one is the pursuit of taste, the second is the pursuit of price, the third is the pursuit of brand. But since Automatic hot pot equipment The use of self-service rotary hotpot can combine the above three advantages, so that shops can save a lot of complicated steps, cost savings and price advantages. In addition, people have a kind of curiosity and desire for new things, and the catering mode which is different from the traditional hot pot will naturally attract the love of many consumers.
 Price of rotary self-service hot pot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)

       Rotary hot pot equipment Different materials have different prices

1: Nylon self-service hot pot equipment, this is nylon and steel processing, unit price is 1250 yuan / m, nylon equipment using reinforced nylon material, smooth operation, no noise, beautiful health, easy to operate, low price, welcomed by the founders. The width of the rotating blade is 18 cm, which is larger than the domestic standard of 14 cm, which can be used to place larger rotating vessels. It is suitable for shops less than 6 meters in length.
 Price of rotary self-service hot pot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
2: Stainless steel Hot pot rotating equipment This one is made of stainless steel and steel, and the unit price is about 1380 yuan / m. all the chains are made of high-quality stainless steel. The thickness of the chain is 1.2-2.0. The design and manufacture are reasonable. The chain is durable. Other vulnerable parts are easy to replace and can be operated by yourself. The whole machine is stable, safe, noiseless and easy to operate. The conveyor chain belt runs smoothly, the mechanical equipment maintenance can be carried out at any time, and the service life is long. Any rotary shape can be made at will, which is suitable for any hot pot shop and has high cost performance.
 Price of rotary self-service hot pot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
3: Alloy steel Hot pot turning equipment This is alloy steel plus steel processing, unit price is 1480 yuan / m, alloy steel series of rotary equipment with independent design track design, not easy to derail, more stable operation. Any shape equipment can be made at will. The rotating lotus leaf blade can be disassembled at will. It is easy to clean, maintain and maintain. Alloy steel chain is mainly composed of alum, titanium and other alloy elements. The chain adopts special processing technology to obtain high strength, high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature, non-magnetic and other special properties.

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 Price of rotary self-service hot pot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
The price of self-service rotary hotpot equipment directly sold by manufacturers is becoming more and more popular in various grades of self-service rotary hotpot shops. Without its own brand and characteristics of self-service rotary hotpot, it is inevitable to be eliminated in the competition. In order to meet and adapt to the psychology of consumers' innovation and selection, it is necessary to have its own characteristics. If the small hot pot rotating machine, dining environment, tableware, facilities and equipment, atmosphere have their own characteristics, guests will come. It's very simple to open a self-service rotary hotpot shop. It's a healthy, fashionable, delicious and nutritious hotpot. It's a delicious choice that consumers can't miss, and it's also the only choice for investors to get rich easily.
   Price of rotary self-service hot pot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)

Methods to reduce the risk of self-service rotary hotpot shop:

1. Choose a good site for the rotary self-service hot pot shop
If you want to choose a better store address, you must know the surrounding consumer groups, the size of the flow of people, the distance from the commercial street or pedestrian street, and so on. All of these will affect the operation of the revolving hot pot shop, so we should try our best to improve the operation of the revolving hot pot shop Rotary hotpot The store should be located in a place with large flow of people, preferably near the pedestrian street or school.

Improve the competitiveness of the self-service industry 2
Nowadays, the catering industry is a very competitive industry, and there are more and more entrepreneurs who open small rotary hotpot shops, which requires us to reflect the characteristics different from others, and improve the operation of small hotpot shops in all aspects.

3. Launch the special products of the rotary self-service hotpot shop
Consumers' eyes are always attracted by some special food. Only by forming their own characteristics can consumers come to dinner. To avoid the simplification of dishes, in the Self service rotating small hot pot equipment On the display of a variety of dishes, but also to ensure that the dishes remain fresh. At the same time, the bottom material of the rotary hotpot is also very important. To ensure the freshness of the base material, a good base will help us increase the return rate, and then attract business.
 Price of rotary self-service hot pot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
4. Strengthen the publicity of rotary self-service hotpot shop
We can publicize and promote our revolving hotpot shop by means of network marketing, membership marketing, green service marketing, and also carry out some promotional activities.

5. Ensure the safety of the revolving self-service hotpot storefront
Now many consumers eat in places where there are some hidden dangers, so consumers pay more and more attention to safety issues, which requires entrepreneurs to ensure safety issues, so that consumers have no worries.

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 Price of rotary self-service hot pot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
The price of direct selling rotary self-service hot pot equipment is not directly affected by the store area. The stores can be large or small. The site selection is mainly concentrated in shopping malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, pedestrian streets, leisure squares, schools, residential areas and other places. As long as there is a flow of people, it is suitable to operate small rotary hotpot. Basically, no matter what the material is, it is about 1350 yuan / m, so it is the best choice to customize the appropriate length according to the size of your shop.
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