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Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment

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Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment

 Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment

Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment

Rotary hotpot equipment advantage
Convenient and quick: Rotating hot pot All of them are operated by machines to avoid the phenomenon of waiting for food during the peak period,
Health and hygiene: Rotating hot pot equipment You can cook whatever you want. It's cleaner and healthier.
Family dinner: rotating food, rich and lively, everyone around the table, with their own nature,
(steaming, rinsing, scalding, boiling and burning: create a new concept of Health --- environmental protection, energy saving, no lampblack, five kinds of delicious food can be satisfied at one time.
Fashionable and comfortable: the pattern is novel and adopts the form of popular bar to make people eat fashionable and comfortable.
Nutrition and delicacy: we build "health" on the basis of learning. Nutrition. Nourishing. Delicious. quick. "Affordable" is the melody and delicious food flavor,
 Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
Low cost Rotary hotpot Can you still make money by investing?
On the basis of Chinese traditional hotpot, the model of rotary sushi is added to form a new hot pot culture, which is rotary hotpot. Its principle is to use conveyor belt to output food, so that guests can eat more convenient. Compared with the traditional hotpot, the one person one pot mode is more hygienic and the dishes are more free to match. Therefore, a small rotary hotpot was launched. The number of hotpot shops is also on the rise. However, the catering industry is developing rapidly and falling back very quickly. In less than a few years, the small rotary hotpot has fallen to a deep valley. Is it possible to make money from the investment in the low-cost rotary hotpot?
 Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
Small rotary hotpot has low cost of human resources
In addition to other restaurants, the operating cost of hotpot is relatively low. Hotpot itself doesn't need kitchen cooking. Plus the rotating hot pot equipment
Conveyor belt transport food, personnel rationing demand is not so big, only the labor cost is much higher than other bottom. Basically, three people can open a shop. In addition, the positioning of rotary small hotpot in the catering market is low, resulting in low grade. The overall investment cost is not high, and the profit is very large. It belongs to a typical catering project with low investment and high recovery.
However, no matter how good the development prospect is, the profit margin in the large catering projects, there are also many difficulties, which is worth reflecting is the flow. Why are customers losing so much?
 Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
Online ordering platform affects the flow of people in rotary hotpot shop
Meituan, hungry? When the online ordering platform is launched, many customers are encouraged to order directly through the online channel, which often accounts for a large part of the marketing volume. However, due to its own constraints, the rotary hotpot can only go to the store for consumption and can't provide takeout service. There are many white-collar workers and students who can only sit full on weekends or holidays, which leads to the general situation that the small hot pot shops are not popular.
The environment can't attract customers to the revolving hot pot shop
 Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)
Consumers pay more and more attention to the environment of eating. Generally speaking, the storefront of revolving hot pot is not very large. The decoration is simple, which is not fresh enough to attract customers to spend. In addition, the restaurants eat in the form of bar, which is difficult to meet the requirements of the party. You can visit and pay attention to it. The customers who go to the revolving hot pot shop are basically 2-3 people.
As long as through in-depth analysis, it will be found that the development of small rotary hotpot has been very weak. In the early stage of opening, there are many factors that affect the opening of hotpot stores, no matter how slow they are in the new location. The innovation of dish test and the formula of pot bottom are all the factors that affect the management of the belt. As long as the market situation is well solved. Investment in low-cost rotary hotpot can still make money.
 Advantages of rotary hotpot equipment (www.shszsw. Com)

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