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Price of rotary hotpot

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Price of rotary hotpot

 Price of rotary hotpot

Detailed introduction to the price of rotary hotpot manufacturers

Detailed description of manufacturer's price of rotary hotpot
There is no need for large stoves and stoves, no chefs, ordinary chefs, and ordinary waiters can operate without training. One of its advantages is simple and easy to operate: rotary hotpot is one pot for one person
According to the customer's favorite choice of various dishes and in line with personal hygiene habits, green diet return to nature is one of its advantages: good special novel Rotary hotpot equipment technology
Equipped with modern high-tech electromagnetic stove, there is no open fire, there is no potential safety hazard, there is no oil smoke, environmental protection, health is its four advantages. Rotary hotpot equipment is composed of the following parts:
Platform system, power system, conveyor chain system, track system. Our Rotary hotpot equipment adopts advanced electrical components, chain and guide rail are made of stainless steel
With stainless steel mirror panel or stainless steel wire drawing panel, the appearance is neat and beautiful.
 Price of rotary hotpot manufacturer (www.shszsw. Com)
The equipment has the following characteristics:
1. The conveyor belt runs smoothly
2. Chain conveyor with small height difference
3. The conveying guide rail is connected smoothly without burr
4. The design is reasonable and the chain belt is durable
5. The chain pad is made of special material, which has the characteristics of wear resistance and no noise
 Price of rotary hotpot manufacturer (www.shszsw. Com)
Chinese and Western rotary electric dining table
1. Product type: Electric long table -- rotary electric dining table
2. Material: imported oak from Malaysia, environmental friendly paint from Germany, electric drive, gold foil, high quality steel frame. Other materials can be customized according to your requirements.
3. Specification: customized equipment table of various diameters and sizes
4. Function structure: Electric gyrotron belt can be matched with induction cooker and internal steel frame structure. Innovative design, famous craftsman, fashion, simplicity, environmental protection, durability is the greater characteristics of oak furniture
5. Applicable area: Star Hotel private rooms, private clubs, high-grade restaurants.
6. Product features: Gyratory electric dining table is a new type of electric table. The base is Chinese style, the table top is western style, and the Chinese style is the perfect dining table.
 Price of rotary hotpot manufacturer (www.shszsw. Com)

 Price of rotary hotpot manufacturer (www.shszsw. Com)

Contact person: Xiao ran

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Address: Xiangang Industrial Zone, Datong, Xiqiao Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province


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