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15 yuan self service rotating hot pot

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15 yuan self service rotating hot pot

 15 yuan self service rotating hot pot

15 yuan self-service rotary hot pot

                          It's 15 yuan Self service rotating hot pot Although every industry can make money now, do you know that there is an industry that is very profitable. In fact, the name of this industry is called catering. However, there are still many modes in catering industry. Now hot pot and buffet are popular in Zui. In fact, hotpot is to cook all the food in it and dip it into the special dip juice directly after cooking, so it's still very good, but a meal costs two or three hundred yuan. In fact, the cafeteria is that all the food in the restaurant can be eaten. If you want to eat that one, you can eat that one. One meal will cost 100 yuan. What do you think?
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So lanhui saw a hot topic on the platform, 15 yuan for self-service Rotating hot pot Why can't businesses lose money? I believe most of my friends will feel that 15 yuan is definitely going to lose money. In fact, LAN Hui thought about it at the beginning. When she heard the truth from the employees who left the company, she didn't think so after Zui. We need to know that when we go to the cafeteria, we will need to take our own food or cook by ourselves. In this way, we don't need to hire more waiters. Now think about it. Now, the basic salary of a waiter is 3000 yuan a month, and if you buy two, it is 6000 yuan.
 15 yuan self service rotating hot pot (www.shszsw. Com)
Another thing is that the owner of the cafeteria always puts the better food in the restaurant after Zui 15 yuan self service rotating hot pot If consumers eat and leave early, the food will be sold tomorrow. Naturally, there is no need to buy it. Everyone should have eaten the hot pot, but this kind of small rotary hotpot should be rarely eaten. One person cooks his own pot with various dishes in front of him. For those who are addicted to cleanliness, this mode is very suitable. The food in this is calculated according to the string, and drinks and soup bottom also need to add extra money, generally 15 yuan or so can eat full, more affordable than the traditional hotpot.

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