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Rotating hot pot equipment manufacturer

 Rotating hot pot equipment manufacturer

A detailed introduction to the manufacturers of the serial fragrance equipment for rotary hotpot equipment

In the next decade, Rotary hotpot equipment It will be all over the country's hotpot industry
The weather has cooled down again. Going to the hotpot shop is a way for people to warm themselves. Now the market is hot Rotary hotpot To create a "one person, one pot" form, clean, hygienic and novel. Rotary small hot pot equipment It has broken the situation that traditional menu order hotpot unifies the world. The new dining mode increases the interaction between customers and dishes, so that customers can better choose their own dishes. Rotary hotpot equipment with its powerful innovation, with civilian consumption, diversified delicious, innovative business model, in line with China's national conditions and China's per capita consumption level. In the face of the rapid change of material life, belly has already been unable to meet the spiritual needs of the servants. It is the growth of this spiritual demand that promotes the reform of the traditional catering industry. So what are the technical advantages of rotary hotpot equipment? Let's follow lanhui to have a look.
 Rotating hot pot equipment manufacturer (www.shszsw. Com)
Rotary hot pot equipment, the rotating part is made of stainless steel
Rotary hotpot equipment can be designed according to the layout of the store and the requirements of customers. The stainless steel hinge plate runs smoothly without noise, and the special cushion strip is wear-resistant and scratch resistant. The overall shape is fashionable and generous.
There are many choices for table top materials of rotary hotpot equipment, such as tempered glass, marble, diamond, etc. the appearance decoration can be changed according to the style of customers' shops, so as to unify them and bring better visual impact to consumers. A variety of personalized supporting technologies are available, such as: LED light belt decoration, luminous pull belt, high and low bar design, ladder double-layer design, timing waste, bridge technology, dishes recycling, etc., which can limit the consumers' impression on the hotpot shop, so as to achieve a higher return rate and income.
 Rotating hot pot equipment manufacturer (www.shszsw. Com)
Junfuling rotary hot pot equipment is widely used, single single furnace in line with people's health habits
And the Hot pot conveying equipment It can be used in hot pot in winter and sushi in summer. As long as the special stainless steel cover plate is used to seal the furnace hole on the dining table, it can become a sushi conveying equipment, which is not only affordable but also convenient, so that you can reflect the operation of sushi and sushi Rotating hot pot Double profit, and convenient for guests in their seats can freely choose the food on the conveyor belt, no need to serve. The idea of "low cost, low-cost" is the concept of "low-cost" hotpot.
 Rotating hot pot equipment manufacturer (www.shszsw. Com)

Junfuling equipment provides automatic service, one person, one pot, convenient and sanitary
Rotary self service hot pot equipment Instead of the traditional cooking method of big pot and mandarin duck pot, it provides automatic service, one pot for one person, convenient and sanitary. Most students pursue individuality, novelty and cleanness, so the main consumers of hot pot are students. Generally speaking, such a novel rotary hot pot is easy to be loved by middle school students and college students, especially in winter, when several people go to eat hot pot, the atmosphere is also lively.
The advantages of rotary hotpot equipment cover almost all the eating styles that young people like. Therefore, LAN Hui predicts that in the next 10 years, rotary hotpot will spread all over the country. What are the entrepreneurs waiting for? Contact Foshan junfuling rotary hot pot equipment factory to order your rotary hot pot equipment!

 Rotating hot pot equipment manufacturer (www.shszsw. Com)
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